We start at birth bringing you  lullabies sung by Marilyn Horne, and  our series, Watch Me Grow tm,  presenting music and games that enhance a child's abilities for growth and development at each age.
We've created music and books to teach basic concepts, such as heavy/light, near/far, up/down, etc. We created a series for learning to read and do math, Activity Songs, First Folk Dances, Mother Goose, and Singing Games.  Please take a look at our complete catalog to see more of what we offer!

who we are

We've worked with individuals, homeschoolers, school districts,  libraries, and more to create material with a solid foundation to teach  reading, math, concepts, and dance through music.

Rhythms Productions/ Tom Thumb Music

Rhythms Productions/Tom Thumb Music was begun by Ruth S White*, and has been publishing books, music, and educational material for over 50 years. 

Our products have won Parents Choice awards and American Library Association notable recording awards.

who we are

*For more information about Ruth White, please click on this link: http://cottoncandycastles.wordpress.com